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Literally have had to have my running shoes on since the moment Christmas was done. This market has been picking up momentum by the day. A serious lack of inventory is again creating many multiple offer situations for my buyers to have to face and the listings are going from Current to Pending very quickly. It’s always interesting to me how the message constantly comes back to me that “it’s always better to list in the spring”. While this is true weather and garden wise, it’s actually more often than not better to list January to March as inventory levels are low and it can drive the market right to the point it is now. Lack of inventory with a lot of buyers that have been waiting for listings to come on creates a backlog of pressure which can accelerate everything. That is what we are seeing right now, as I say to all my clients……don’t wait till spring when everyone else is putting their house on the market, buyers looking now out in the rain and cold are far more serious and have less to choose from. Call me today for a free Current Market Evaluation and let me help you understand this current trend.


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