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As a seller it is best to first come to an understanding that once you have decided to put your house on the market, it is best to look at it from an investment + perspective and that it is no longer your ‘home’. What I mean by this is that in order to make your home look simply irresistible to prospective buyers you need to try to start to let go of any sentimental value that this house holds to you so that you can do as much as you can to create the perfect dream home for the next owner.

To do this, I have put together a small list of easy suggestions that will get your home looking like it is straight out of a House and Home Magazine.

De-clutter + De-personalize

When a prospective buyer walks into your house you want them to be able to envision themselves living there. This is why it is extremely important to remove any bulky, unused furniture, clear clutter out of closets and cupboards, re-organize furniture to make living areas look as big and open as possible and remember “if you don’t use it – lose it”, by this I mean pack it up, donate it or take it to storage. It is crucial to remove any personal items such as your big wall of family portraits as this can often block buyers from viewing your home as their future home.

When you work with me I have contacts for my customers for storage discounts, movers + many services to help you along the way.

Clean + Repair

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the excess clutter (doesn’t it feel great!), it’s time to clean and repair. Having a house that is clean is the most cost effective way to make your home more attractive to those potential buyers. Clean everything – kitchen cabinets, walls, floors, windows, floor boards, etc… pay special attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen. Also, now is the time to repair that leaky faucet or roof or basement. Have that squeaky door fixed or that crack in the ceiling sealed and most importantly have any electrical problems fixed.

We have referrals to help you out with this should you need, such as carpet cleaners + house cleaning discounts.

Neutralize + Update your Décor

Bold colors or funky wallpaper on the walls can make it difficult for buyers to visualize their furniture in your home. Consider repainting your home in bright, neutral colors that will make your room look bigger and more inviting. Buying some house plants add an undeniable appeal and replacing those old tattered draperies with some nice new ones gives your home a fresh new look (Winners + Walmart have great inexpensive options).

If you need help with repairs or painting, we have referrals for those too.

With every listing contract signed and if we decide it is needed I offer a free staging consultation.

Did you know that hanging mirrors helps enhance the look of a room by giving off the illusion of a bigger more spacious area?

Cost of Improvement vs. Potential Return

Remember, you don’t need to get too carried away with prepping your home for potential buyers. Before considering any enhancements have me come over to help you assess the following,

1)      Will this make my home more desirable to buyers

2)      Will this increase the value of my home more than it costs me to do it

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