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The District of North Saanich is a region on the Saanich Peninsula, just north of Victoria. It contains many rural and residential areas, as well as the municipality of Sidney. It is about half an hour’s drive to the city of Victoria, but we promise you’ll be happy to stay in North Saanich. Read on to find out our top reasons to live in North Saanich! 


Are you wondering what things there are to do in North Saanich? Visiting Horth Hill’s hiking trails is one of the top things to do in the area. Horth Hill Regional Park is a beautiful hike that most people can do in under an hour. It is filled with native plants, a quiet forest, and panoramic ocean views. Visitors can gaze upon the Satellite Channel, the Gulf Islands, and the Saanich Peninsula. These trails are fit for royalty, too. In 2019, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted on Horth Hill jogging, on multiple occasions. 

North Saanich contains many other hiking trails, too. For a complete map and guide, please view this hiking and park resource from the District of North Saanich. 


The north-western side of North Saanich has the wonderful neighbourhood of Deep Cove. It is perfectly placed to have waterfront views and access from three sides, contains a friendly and welcoming community, and has a few hidden gems that make it stand out from the crowd. Other great neighbourhoods within North Saanich include Lands End, Swartz Bay, Curteis Point, McDonald Park, Sandown, Ardmore, Airport, Coles Bay, Dean Park, and Bazan Bay. 


11190 Chalet Road, North Saanich

We adore the Deep Cove Chalet, a world-renowned gorgeous French restaurant that is known for providing fresh and beautiful dishes. This waterfront restaurant is perfect for any special occasion, or even just for a quiet weekday evening. This is somewhere you will need to reserve well in advance of your travels to the area.


Deep Cove has not one, but two fantastic wineries. Both are run by passionate local business owners that put exceptional quality at the forefront of their product lines. 

 Infinity Sparkling Wine House specializes in sparkling wine because it is one of the most suitable types of wines to prepare in this region. The climate and latitude are very similar to Champagne, France, which helped inspire this winery to focus on outstanding Vancouver Island sparkling wines. Sustainable farming practices are also very important for this winery. 

Deep Cove Winery is a small, hand-crafted winery. This husband and wife team produces a handful of wine varieties to maintain excellent quality. All wines are bottled and aged on-site. Tasting Victoria has a wonderful article describing the history and goals of the winery. 


North Saanich has a fairly low population of around 11 000 residents and most of the land contains wide, open spaces that feel very much like being out in the countryside. The community is warm, welcoming, and friendly, too. Residents in North Saanich and Sidney often enjoy having a chat with strangers in coffee shops, bus stops, and park benches. The emphasis on locally produced fruits, vegetables, and products means that the community relies on itself to form strong relationships among its residents. People get to know one another and help out when possible. 

Not only are the people great, but the pace of life is a little bit on the slower side. Nature, small shops, and overall less hustle and bustle make it more relaxing to live in North Saanich. Now, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do, either. All it takes is a ferry to Vancouver or the Gulf Islands, a plane trip to anywhere in the world, or a bus ride to Saanichton or Victoria and you will have a multitude of choices for things to do. Access to nearby amenities and attractions is easy and you won’t have to deal with high levels of traffic or big crowds in your personal space. If you prefer to stay near home, there are great mom-and-pop shops like the Deep Cove Market that will suit your daily needs.


North Saanich is a great place to retire if you enjoy having balance in life. This region is laid-back, quiet, and peaceful. There are opportunities to engage in nature all around, through a light stroll on the beach or a hike in the woods. Light shopping at farmer’s market stands which still offer produce and fresh veggies on an “honor box system” for payment and operate throughout most of the year, as there is plenty of agricultural land in the vicinity. Golf is a major activity here, too. In North Saanich, you have room to breathe in the fresh air, make connections with like-minded people, and enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed!


North Saanich isn’t all just farmland and beautiful scenery – there are some important amenities there, too. The Victoria International Airport has flights all over the country, while the ferries have routes to Vancouverthe Gulf Islands, and the United States of America. If you love to travel, then living within the Saanich Peninsula will be an advantage due to the choices and convenience of travel options. 

Salt Spring Island is a popular destination among the Gulf Islands, and the ferry to get there is right in Sidney. Campgrounds, coastal cottages, boutique shops, and culinary adventures are a few of the many highlights. Living in North Saanich provides the opportunity to experience more of the west coast’s best treasures.


North Saanich is gorgeous and it is surrounded by the ocean on three of its four borders. This means there is another ample opportunity for luxurious waterfront homes within Greater Victoria. Many homes are custom-built, single-family detached homes but you can find a selection of modern townhomes and the occasional condominium. North Saanich real estate listings lean more towards residential homes rather than commercial properties. This also means that existing homes are built for life, instead of being mass-produced for a large population. Character homes, ranchers, and executive-style homes all have a place in North Saanich. 

Many people prefer to live in North Saanich because they are boat or yacht owners. The marinas in Sidney are a convenient distance, but some beachfront homes contain their own wharfs suitable for docking. Your own private beach also provides opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and sunbathing. 


If you are curious to learn more about North Saanich, please reach out to me for a free, no-obligation chat about your real estate questions. Feel free to also browse our MLS® listings to see what is currently on the market for all of Greater Victoria. 

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