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As the real estate agent of choice for Victoria, central and north Saanich, Sidney and other communities on South Vancouver Island I am pleased to provide testimonials confirming that I am a dedicated sales professional with skills and marketing savvy to best serve home buyers and property sellers alike. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. If I can be of any service, please contact me for no-pressure real estate advice. 


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No other Realtor for us!

Ann has been our realtor many times for the past 15 ish years. We wouldn’t have any other. The last sale was a doozy too as she put together a land assembly and made our sale happen!! Her professionalism and easy personality make you feel at ease that the job is getting done. Honestly, if you’re wondering about who to have sell your home or a new purchase she is the one. 

- Lorraine and Darrin 

Upfront, Positive, & Supportive

We loved working with Ann. She was very upfront with regards to the listing price taking into account other properties in our area. She was always positive and supported us when we needed it. Supporting staff at her office were very professional and willing to help in any way. Ann also knows the ins and outs of the Penninsula real-estate market. We would highly recommend Ann.

- Gail and Bruce 

God-Send to our family

When we decided it was time to move Mom to Winnipeg so we could be with her as her Alzheimer's progressed, we listed Mom's condo with Ann.  We figured we would have to make several trips back and forth from Winnipeg to Sidney to clean out the condo, sell furniture, and to meet with the lawyers.  Ann was a god-send for us!  She was so kind and treated us as if she was looking after her own mother's belongings.  She helped clear mom's belongings out of the condo, sold all the furniture for us, returned cable & medical equipment and so much more.  Ann helped us find a lawyer to look after the paperwork, and made the move effortless for us.  Anyone can sell a condo, but Ann really went above and beyond to help us.   We are so grateful for all her help.

- Gia & Darryl Walker 

Great Experience, Sold Same Day Over Asking Price!

With no experience in the area, I found myself suddenly having to renovate and sell my mother's condo in Victoria.  Ann was recommended to me by friends and she was fabulous!  She guided and coached me through the whole process very kindly and patiently.  She referred me to a painter, flooring experts and a move out cleaner who all did wonderful work.  She helped me in my dealings with my contractor and advised me where to purchase fixtures ar the best price.  Best of all, the condo sold on the same day it was listed for more than asking price!  Thank you, Ann, for a great real estate experience.

- Sincerely grateful to you, Barbara 

Genuine concern for those around her

Three years ago I met Ann and it took her a few months to educate me on the differences in buying versus renting and the reality of investing in my future. Ann's friendly but professional way of teaching and encouraging me to look outside the box took me from paying someone else's mortgage to paying a little bit more and investing in myself. Ann's knowledge and experience has proven beneficial in many ways. I too am a single parent and working and raising kids. I look up her for her genuine concern and care for those around her, not just clients.

- Jennifer Williamson 

Highly Recommend Ann Watley

If you are looking for a Realtor to buy or sell
we'd highly recommend Ann Watley. We're ringing her bell!
Ann is professional and at ease ...
Willing and able to please ...
A person who is sensitive and kind,
A better Realtor you'll not find!
There is a reason she wins awards - it's true.
Good service, smiles and compassion for you.
She says, "Leave all the worry to her."
To make your journey so much easier ...
Ann is accommodating, positive thinking and bold,
And before you know it ... your place is SOLD!

Ann we cannot thank you enough for all you did! We are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives ...

Very sincerely,

- Jo-Ann, Al and Morley Payne 

Caring, Comfortable, and Motivated

The selling of a home can be for various reasons; not enough room, too much room, transfer due to employment requirements or in our case, the death of a family member. The selection of a realtor that would suit our needs was not a difficult task. Based on several recommendations and a previous interaction with a family member, we selected Ann Watley for the job. She met with us and made us feel very comfortable with the process and that the sale was now hers to worry about, not ours. Ann was always available if there were any questions or concerns. She is caring, highly motivated and ensured that our needs were a priority.

Thank You for your incredible work.

-C. Fram
-S. McElgunn
-M. McElgunn 

Extremely motivated and organized

Essentially I cannot think of a better agent for your needs than Ann. She is extremely motivated and organized. When something needs to be done, it is done and done at the time she says it will be done.

She lead us through the sale of our house under a time of great stress for us. We had renters who on the surface were great with lots of good references but who in the end provided no end of grief. Throughout Ann was patient and motivated and managed to sell our home for much more than we thought we could get even under better circumstances. At no point did we feel that Ann was motivated by anthing other than helping us.

As stated in Ann's email, she has vast experience both in real estate and tenancy as well and should be perfect for your needs.

- Greg C. 

Supportive through the entire relocation process

It is with pleasure that my husband and I write this to express our pleasure in dealing with Ann Watley as our realtor to sell our home. After searching for quite some time for another home, we unexpectedly found one that suited our needs perfectly and needed to make a fast offer. We were somewhat apprehensive about not selling our current home first but Ann was understanding and professional. She provided us with all the necessary information about our local market and helped us price our home competitively. As a result, we sold in 5 days for close to the full asking price!!! We were very pleased. Ann was supportive throughout the entire relocation process and never pushy. She sincerely made the whole process of buying and selling as pleasant and non-stressful as possible. We would recommend her, and already have recommended her, to anyone in the market for a realtor. I am sure that if the time comes again we would not hesitate to call her for her services.

- Michael and Gina 

More than my realtor

Thank you, Ann! You are truly awesome. I am so glad we met and I feel you are more than my realtor; you are a trusted friend! You do great work because you care!

-  D. McGannon 

Big smile and kind heart

Dear Ann, Tim, I and the kids want to thank you so much for all your hard work. We are leaving a home that we put lots of love and work into and entering a dream home. Your billions of hours day & night did not go unnoticed and you did it all with a big smile and kind heart. Love ya lots.

- Tim, MaryLynn, Jordan & Allie 

Good negotiating skills

Hi Ann, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf in selling our house in this "down" market. What I think most people who want to sell their house don't acknowledge is that a well priced house will sell, even in a soft market. But a realtor who does not have excellent negotiating skills can sour even a good deal. That's where you excel; you know how to negotiate the best deal possible for your clients and you certainly did that for us. Quick sale with maximum return for us and happy buyers due to your good negotiating skills. Thanks again.

- Erik and Catherine 

Wealth of information

We were lucky to have met Ann Watley in the Summer of 2005 for the search for our first home, and within a few weeks, we became new homeowners!

Ann was a wealth of information for us - 'the first time buyers'. She thoroughly explained the various processes required to purchase a new house.

Ann really understands the real estate market and she also understands value for dollar. Ann is experienced, confident and made the entire process very uncomplicated. She asked for and listened to the details that were important to use regarding our ideal house and tailored our search accordingly. As houses came on the market that fit our wish list, Ann would immediately contact us. As our wish list grew or shrunk, she immediately updated her search and sent us to more potential houses.

She made herself available to us at our convenience and made the whole process of finding a new house a little less stressful. While looking at prospective houses, Ann pointed out both positive and potentially negative aspects of the houses.

She shared our ups and downs during our journey at finding the right house. Ann supported our decisions in such a competitive market without placing pressure on us to buy when we were not 100% sure that 'this was the one'. She was prompt, always returning calls in a timely manner and created a positive buying environment.

We highly recommend Ann to others and know that we will call upon her again for our future real estate needs. Whether you are planning to buy your first home or sell your existing home, contact Ann today!

- Dale and Laura Kitchen 

Restored my faith

 I would like to recommend Ann Watley as a buyer's realtor. Ann helped me find my home in a very short period of time. I had a difficult set of criteria and a short time line. With her support team, she responded to my need to see a large number of listings, most of them in one day. She negotiated a great agreement (saving me more than just a few bucks). Not only did Ann perform well, she restored my faith in the value of a good realtor and made the process fun and exciting. No wonder she's an award winning realtor! I wouldn't hesitate to call Ann again, should the need arise. She's a keeper.

- Moira 

#1 in our books

We have had the opportunity on several occasions to have Ann as our Realtor, both in selling and purchasing and again selling our homes. The homes were in Oak Bay and Langford. We were very satisfied with Ann's professionalism. Ann was always there for us when we needed her and most times when it came to viewings she was ahead of us. Her open houses were well presented and she had great success with them. Her photographer is top notch and really knows how to show the full potential of your home.

We highly recommend Ann as your Realtor and I would not worry about the distance between her office and your home, she is highly regarded by her peers and she is certainly #1 in our books.

Very satisfied clients of Ann's,

- Debra T. and Joy O. 

Superior customer service

I am writing this letter as we want to extend our sincere gratitude for all of your hard work and dedication that you possessed in buying and selling our home. Also we wish to commend you on your superior customer service which truly does set you apart from other realtors in the field. We feel that is absolutely necessary to take the time to make you aware of the exemplary treatment we continue to receive from you Ann. As a realtor, and as a person, you are a extraordinary dedicated person.

It goes without saying how grateful we are to you and your hard work. Although we were very stressed through the entire process you made everything genuinely smooth. Not hesitating for a moment you always insisted that we leave everything up to you. I know that you put a tremendous amount of hard work and time into all of your clients, but we really felt that you had us exclusively as that was how dedicated you are as a realtor and as a person.

Through your affirmative actions you took all the necessary steps to get us into the house that we will call home for years to come.

We personally feel that the proficiency and expediency with which you handled our affairs Ann, was second to none. We feel that is essential to emphasize that our dealings with you have been truly the greatest that we have had when dealing with Realtors. Ann you have proved to us that you are a definite asset to DFH realty and that you are the epitome of professionalism. It's always comforting to feel that there is a personal touch when dealing with such a huge milestone in ones life. It is because of such outstanding service that we will continue to do business and refer friends to Ann Watley with out at doubt.

So Ann thank you for being you!

Your friends,

- Regan and Mike 

Ann Watley, realtor extraordinaire

My wife, Kirsti, and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the company by way of applauding Ann Watley, realtor extroadanair. Honestly speaking, we have only known two in our Lives. Having said that, Ann became known to us by way of a now common friend, our financier at our bank. Ann impressed us immediately with her knowledge and understanding of the real estate realm and people, like us, searching for a new home. In the short time that has passed since first meeting Ann, I could write volumes about her attributes, good graces, and personal skills as she applies them on a daily basis with confidence and utter competence. Should I continue on in this vein I feel I might come across as corny. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Ann is real in the way the rest of us hope the world could be. DFH has a jewel in their midst. It will be a kinda sad day when our business dealings have gone by the way. We don't wanna miss you Ann! Stay in town, stay in touch, and stay real!(that be a smoothie for you girl). Sincere admiration, deep gratitude, and fond rememberance forever...

- Li Na, Kirsti, Zack, and the bug squashing buddha...Jud 

Skilled and sensitive realtor

Dear Ann,

I do want to let you know how much my son & I appreciated the time you spent showing us properties as I enter retirement and prepare to downsize.

Thank you so much for your thoroughness in preparing suitable properties for us to view.

How did my time looking at property with Ann Watley feel? Over the years I have spent time with many realtors as one sells and buys. When I was with Ann I felt complete confidence in her accurate assessment of properties and the real sense of her desire to find the perfect house for my needs. That was paramount (rather than making a sale).

We especially appreciated the time spent in the office prior to going out to view houses, as we reviewed potential houses, their positives and negatives. We felt that this saved us a tremendous amount of time driving around as it effectively reduced the list to the truly appropriate. When we were out viewing properties I was aware of the care and attention that had been given to my requirements. I thought Ann behaved in a truly professional and polite manner at all times; when her cell phone rang she did not interupt the time she had devoted to us to take phone calls.

It takes a skilled and sensitive realtor to tactfully point out factors in each property that could be an advantage or disadvantage, especially as one becomes older. Also, indicating where future buildings and noise may occur that could affect the value. Not all realtors are as forthright (or have such a great sense of humor), as Ann Watley.

I would happily recommend anyone shopping for a new home to use Ann's expertise. She related well to my 40 year old son and to me at 70! I was amazed at how accurately Ann read my body language when in certain houses, she was able to tell exactly what I was thinking and be respectful to that.

Again my thanks for your guidance.

- Liz, February 18, 2011 

Source of encouragement

Marlene & I wanted to write & let you know how much we appreciated working with you to buy our new home on the island.

Ann, you were marvellous - right from the start! Whenever you met with us it was as though we were the only people in the world, & you had all the time in the world just for us.

It was also clear that you knew your market, you identified readily with our needs, & you helped us move past obstacles - in short, you were a terrific guide in getting us to where we needed & wanted to be!

You were friendly yet professional in our dealings & you were a source of encouragement & this, coupled with your keen insights & common sense wisdom, all made it a delight to work with you.

And even after the sale, you went over & above to help us get a smooth transition into the home. But what impressed us most of all was your complete openness & your total honesty with us, every step of the way.

Ann, we would recommend you without hesitation to anyone seeking a Real Estate Agent who can truly understand their needs & help them get the home they want, with all the added benefits mentioned above thrown into the mix.

We wish you continued & much deserved success in this New Year!

- Norm & Marlene Morrison, January 3, 2012 

Quick, efficient and empathetic

Thanks so much for your message, Ann! I have been enjoying the peacefulness of being settled in my new home and wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your honesty, integrity, professionalism and compassionate commitment to helping me move forward in a challenging situation.

When I first met with you and discussed the need to sell our home, I was reassured that I would have support to do this and that we would be treated fairly, and I was right. I am grateful for all your help from staging the house, recommending cleaners, landscapers, movers, clarifying information and collaborating with ourselves and our tenant, and other realtors while remaining positive and professional throughout the entire process.

I especially appreciate our tour of several possible homes for me to purchase in one very busy afternoon, and your reminders to me of the criteria I wanted in a home and encouragement not to act in haste.

You were always just a phone call away and despite the challenging nature of the sale, I enjoyed the process of working with you and became more enthusiastic about my future and the new chapter in my life.

I will (and have) highly recommended your services to anyone interested in buying or selling a home, and would be happy to have my positive, professional experience with you used as a testimonial.

Thanks again, for the energy, dedication, and professionalism you provided to assist the sale of our home in such a quick, efficient and empathetic manner.

All the best,

- Charlene L., November 9, 2012

Focus on the end result

Ann, I am not sure I really thanked you for all the work you did yesterday to get my deal done.  As we both know, the deal was definitely in jeopardy and through your hard work and extra hours, you still managed to bring us all back to reality and focus on the end result.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

- Steve N., September 2013

Easy to talk to

Thank you, Ann Watley, for being our realtor. Ann has helped us in several successful real estate transactions.  She seems to be able to sell houses at lightning speed, not just once but several times. We recommended her to close family members who also received her devoted attention and excellent results. Ann is easy to talk to,  have a laugh, and still gets the job done.

Way to're awesome!!

- Darrin and Lorraine Blinko

Great passion for life

Our most recent Real Estate purchase was through Ann Watley and it was so pleasant that I needed to express how we feel about her and her service. Ann exudes competence and shows a great passion for life. Not only will you have her at your side providing you with all of her experience and connections but you will also gain a friend that is more like a member of your family. She made the purchase of our new home seamless by guiding us through it all with great ease and leaving us with a warm feeling in our hearts. We recommend Ann to all who are seeking an above beyond experience.

- Dimitri & Melanie Lehmann

True professional

Ann Watley is more than a realtor.  She is a coach, a mentor, an advisor, a connector and a true professional.  Ann recognizes that buying a house can be an emotional investment.  She listened – and heard – what we wanted and we never felt pressured by her.  All of these things were important to us so we truly enjoyed our experience of buying a house with her.  The result was us getting our dream house at a price that was better than we had imagined.  I recommend Ann to anyone out there looking for a realtor and I do just that every chance I get.

- Susan

Above & beyond

Ann went above & beyond in her efforts to sell our home, in fact, I would say she was relentless, & I mean that as a plus!  She is a dynamic Realtor who possesses an incredible work ethic, a positive attitude and she wraps it all up with her ability to “get it done”.  Always the professional, Ann delivers on all aspects of buying or selling.  We would be happy to recommend Ann’s services.

- S & B Hoff


Dear Ann,
Thank you for making our recent home purchase an enjoyable experience.
We appreciate the effort you put into scheduling each of our visits and making the most of the limited time we had for each trip.
The houses you were able to show us, even with what you called limited inventory, were all a consideration even though we had a very specific property in mind.
We felt comfortable discussing the pros and cons of each home without feeling selling pressure.
You seemed to understand very quickly what we had in mind.
We are so happy that your creative offer suggestion worked in the multiple offer situation we found ourselves in.
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again.

Best Regards,

- Bill and Lori Willis

Less than three weeks

We found Ann to be professional, warm, and caring. As this was an estate sale Ann was very helpful in getting the property ready to sell. She went above and beyond in making the process smooth. This included getting service professionals to complete work on a very tight schedule in order to meet the offer deadlines.
Within 24 hours of putting the property on the market, we had an offer of more than the listing price. Thanks to Ann we managed to close and complete the sale in less than three weeks.
We were very fortunate to work with Ann and her team.

- Ross and Laurel Nixon 

Chemainus BC.

Patient, Professional & Diligent

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the assistance you've given us in the purchase of our home. You have been patient, professional & diligent in finding and negotiating a contract on our house. We are very pleased with our purchase. Not only you've helped us buy the ideal home for our needs but you also helped us buy it at a great price. You certainly are a very knowledgeable and thorough professional and we wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for everything.

- Porlares Family

Professional, honest and upfront...

Ann was exceptional to work with 2 years ago on finding my perfect home.  Now as I came time to sell, I knew she was the one I would want to have on my side again.

Ann is wonderful to work with, she's professional, honest and upfront and gets the job done very well.  She's caring and makes it a very personal experience.

Thank you, Ann, for all your hard work, diligence and knowledge.  You make it an easy process by taking care of the "Nitty Gritty" and I couldn't be happier with the results.

If you are buying or selling, call Ann!

- T. Riley

A wealth of knowledge 

Easily accessible and knowledgeable about our issues.

- Judy & Mike Koaczak, 2017

Amazing Ann

Ann was great! Professional, she knew what we wanted, and she helped us get it! :)

- Rachel Wegerif 2017


My best interest was very important to her. It was very important to Ann that I was comfortable each step of the way!

- Linda Bodine 2017

Thankful For Ann

We decided to go with Ann Watley since we had so many people referring her and we're really thankful we did!  She is very knowledgable and so helpful. We were surprised at how willing she was to accommodate our family's travel schedule and our children. You end up spending a lot of time with your realtor, and she is so very lovely

- Geoff & Crystal Rousseau - May 2019

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